Note: Jeff Francouer has a 10-Game Hitting Streak

Yesterday, Jeff Francoeur had two hits, including a game-tying three-run home run in the sixth inning.

He has a 10–game hitting streak, during which he’s batting .500 with 18 hits and eight RBI.

“Two weeks ago I couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat,” Francoeur said yesterday. “Right now, the baseball looks great coming in.”

…he’s hitting the ball the other way… i don’t know how or why or what got in to his head, but when the ball is thrown away, instead of lunging and swinging flat-footed, he’s turning his hips late, staying on the ball and driving it to the opposite field… he’s taking what they’re giving him, as they say… the problem with frenchy, though, is he seems to make adjustments like this from time to time, he gets hot, and, just about the time i start to believe in him, he reverts back to bad habits… hopefully this time its permanent

He talked to reporters after yesterday’s win, and essentially said:

  • He and his teammates are comfortable playing at home.
  • Mechanically, Howard Johnson and Jerry Manuel have put him in a good spot to be consistent, and he doesn’t expect to slump again.

To listen to Francoeur’s talk with reporters, click play below:

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