Note: Jason Bay is Disappointing 2010-7-22 9-49Jason Bay was hitless in six at bats last night, with four strike outs.

Following last night’s game, a perplexed Jerry Manuel told reporters:

“I am somewhat surprised.  I really thought this was a good opportunity to kind of get away from the pressures and anxiety that he kind of has when we’re in New York.  I thought getting out here on the West Coast he would exhale and take off.  I’m really somewhat baffled at the struggles that he’s having right now.  I still feel that he has enough season left to put together a good streak.”

Bay is on pace to hit roughly .260 this season, with just 10 HR, around 75 RBI, 30 or so doubles and a .350 OBP, despite playing in 150 games and earning $16 million for the year.

He told the Daily News that he has earned a C or a C-plus for his performance this season, noting, “Obviously, it can be better… It hasn’t been terrible, but it hasn’t been historically what I have done, and I understand that.”

Man, baseball is fascinating.

How can a rookie, like Ike Davis, with ZERO major-league experience and all of 23 years old, have twice as many home runs than Bay, considering his prolific track record.

The thing is, I can forgive his first 330 at bats, if he would just turn it around tonight. 

Seriously, as a fan, I really don’t care about overall performance. 

Because, in the end, I just want the team to win.

There were many, many times this season when, while Bay was struggling, his teammates picked him up: Davis had huge hits, while Bay struggled; David Wright and Jose Reyes were on fire, while Bay struggled; Angel Pagan has done nothing but deliver, while Bay has struggled.

And so, I am less disappointed in Bay’s April, May and June, and more disappointed in his right now.  His teammates are now struggling, and he’s still nowhere to be found.