Note: Jacobs and Tatis, Carter and Ike

In nine at bats this season, Mets DH Mike Jacobs has just one hit, no walks and four strike outs.

Fernando Tatis started in place of Jacobs at first base last night, against the left-handed starting pitcher, and was hitless in four at bats.

“Jacobs has mechanical things he needs to work on,” Jerry Manuel said yesterday, according to Bill Madden of the Daily News.  “He has to make some adjustments.”

…shhh… listen… do you hear hit… it’s the sound of Chris Carter grumbling from upstate New York

…you know, the other thing is, it’d be nice to have a regular, every day first baseman in there who can get used to David Wright’s consistently-errant throws… seriously, david, what’s with the side arm… i’m not saying a consistent first baseman would help wright be more accurate… but, having a guy over there who sees wright every day, works with him every day, and gets comfortable with what his ball is doing, it might help limit the damage of his throws

By the way, last night in Buffalo, Ike Davis was 3 for 4 with two doubles in his first game at Triple-A.

Carter, who started in right field, had one hit in three at bats.