Note: It's Been 10 Days since offers to Bay & Molina

do you realize it has been more than 10 days since the Mets offered a contract to a free-agent OF Jason Bay, and free-agent C Bengie Molina…

John Morosi of believes free-agent catchers Rod Barajas, Jose Molina and Yorvit Torrealba will remain on the free-agent market until Molina signs a new contract.

In Newsday, Ken Davidoff writes, “According to a Mets official, if the team fails to secure Bay, it will strongly consider raising its offer to Molina.  But if Bay signs, the Mets will hold a harder line with Molina.”

…do the Mets realize molina is only a four– of five-HR upgrade from what they had behind the plate last season… if they do, the should also realize making a more lucrative offer to molina, in the wake of losing bay, makes zero sense… in fact, i fail to see how one has anything to do with the other… i mean, tell me about his defense, game-calling, his relationship with the pitching staff, fine, but to talk about molina like he’s some soft of significant offense upgrade is not accurate… the Mets need to be careful here, because he can just as easily end up being a major, major rally-killer

In a post to Amazin Avenue, the Meddler says, “Mets fans may not agree on everything, but one thing we seem to be uniting over right now is our absolute distaste for Molina.”

as for bay, i agree with the Mets, who clearly believe he is not worth giving more than $16 million a season to, and at no more than four years… i see people suggesting bay does not want to play for the Mets… it’s a logical conclusion… though, i feel it has less to do with the Mets and New York City, and more to do with bay not wanting to play any place without a five-year guarantee

That said, according to Joe Janish of Mets Today, when it comes to Bay, ‘No news is good news.’

from what i understand, bay can basically take the Mets up on one of three choices, a) the four-year, $65 million deal on the table, b) $16 million per season, with a fifth-year team option, or c) a five-year guarantee, but less money per season, such as a $70 million, five-year deal, which would be $14 million per season… he wants the fifth year guaranteed, but also wants the most money, and understandably so, but, it’s just not there for him