Note: GMJ Has NOT Been Good

“Coming out of spring we were able to give Gary Matthews Jr. a lot of at-bats consecutively, give him a couple of days here and there… Once the season starts you get that opportunity, but if there are no results you just go in a different direction.”

~ Jerry Manuel, as quoted by the New York Post.

…he’s terrible at the plate… i mean, he and i have the same number of hits over the last two weeks, and i don’t play for the Mets… he is so frustrating… i’ve said it before, but, when he takes batting practice or shags flyballs it looks like he should be the best player on the field… then the lights go on and he’s habitually one step behind…

…the thing about matthews that is most concerning is, let’s say Carlos Beltran suffers a set back, what happens if Angel Pagan gets hurt, which is not totally out of the realm of possibility since he’s been rather prone to injury throughout his career… Fernando Martinez is clearly not able to handle center field in Citi Field

…it’s a shame, because the position side of the roster would look totally different with beltran and Daniel Murphy on the team… in that scenario, muprhy replaces Frank Catalanotto as the utility guy, pagan becomes a fourth outfielder, Jose Reyes returns to batting leadoff, the outfield defense is tighter and matthews is probably not on the team… it’s amazing what one delayed rehab can do to a roster

Matthews Jr. has just five hits in 41 plate appearances this season, during which he has struck out more than a third of the time.

By the way, in a report for the Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo says the Blue Jays are likely to listen to offers for centerfielder Vernon Wells, who is batting .308 with eight HR and 18 RBI.

Of course, the 31–year-old Wells is due $63 million over the next three seasons.