Note: David Wright needs a Nap

David Wright hit .462 during the 13 games prior to June 17, since then he’s batting .222 in his last 12 games.

In other words, Wright continues to be hot and then cold in 10 to 20 game stretches, back and forth, up and down.

The thing is, Wright looks like he needs a nap.

I mean, he’s basically the only regular, legitimate, all-star caliber hitter on the team right now, shouldering the absence of half the offense.

Thanks to the World Baseball Classic, it may as well be August to Wright, who has been playing day in and day out pretty much since early March.

He has started in 73 of his team’s 74 games this season.

Lately, it looks like he’s been sluggish, like he’s not running out fly balls, and he’s starting to seem slow with the bat – not to mention the constant mental pressure he must be under, considering the number of injuries he has had to make up for.

He’ll be honored to make the All-Star team, I’m sure, but I hope he is not able to go – because the guy looks like he could use three consecutive days of sleep.