Note: Carlos Beltran is Hitting

Carlos Beltran hit his second home run in two days last night in a win against the Dodgers.

To watch Beltran’s home run from last night’s game, courtesy of ESPN and , click here.

According to the Brooklyn Met Fan, “It was vintage Beltran. You know how he’ll un-spool one of those effortless swings and the pitch just jumps off his bat like a tennis ball?  Yeah, well it was one of those.”

my favorite part of beltran’s swing is the hop he does while wrapping his bat around his back…it’s very unique…it happens so quickly, i am not even sure what he’s doing…but, it’s so definitive that i like it

Beltran is .333 in his last 18 at bats with two home runs, five RBI, one double, five walks and just one strike out.

stay hot, carlos…because with you hitting, Ryan Church hitting, and Jose Reyes getting on base as he has, the lineup has a totally different look than it did two weeks ago…


Then why don't you have Marshall #2 behind FSU?  After all - it's ALL ABOUT WINNING, not who you play.   FSU has exactly the same number of wins against the current top 25 as Marshall does - ZERO. 

John Silver
John Silver

It's not that simple, and you know it. Marshall and FSU are playing at different levels of competition. FSU has played good teams this year, Marshall really hasn't.