Note: Carlos Beltran Doesn't Feel Rusty

In the fourth inning last night, Gerardo Parra hit an RBI triple over Carlos Beltran.

…it was awkward… beltran took a step in, then turned to take a bizarre route to the ball

Beltran said he does not feel rusty, saying specifically about the triple:

“I thought I was going to be able to make it, but it just kept going and it went over my head… I don’t feel pain.  I’m just going out there not thinking about anything.”

Last night after the game, Jerry Manuel said he feels Beltran is still adjusting to how the ball comes off the bat at the big-league level, as opposed to the way it does in the minor leagues… similar to how Jose Reyes needed time to adjust earlier in the season after missing so much time as well.

i see this… beltran looks like he’s off a step… he’s hitting, but not with authority… he’s running, but seems a bit hesitant… and, in the field, he’s not reacting well and taking odd routes

i understand ego, experience and track record play a factor here, and so i have no problem initially putting beltran in center field… it’s his position… however, in time, if he appears to be slow and not as mobile and athletic as Angel Pagan, then, eventually, beltran must play right, while pagan moves to center… it will not be an easy conversation, and it’s not necessary just yet, but, if this continues, jerry will need to act