Note: Baseball Tonight Report regarding Players and Jerry Manuel

Last night, on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Seth Everett stated Jeff Francoeur, Johan Santana, Jose Reyes and John Maine were unhappy with Jerry Manuel.

To see the segment from Baseball Tonight, click here.

This afternoon, at Busch Stadium, Jeff Francoeur addressed the media and according to SNY producer Matt Dunn, Francoeur said Everett’s report was completely untrue, as everyone will go to war for Manuel and they are behind him 110 percent.

Francoeur also said Everett has not talked to anyone on the Mets as he has never visited their locker room, and called the report stupid.

…man…I hate it when things come out like this…it’s just nothing but a distraction and does nobody any good…no matter what the truth is, let’s put this to rest and just play ball, and start to win some games…

…it sounds as though Everett was over simplifying the sequence of events, which isn’t fair to the players or the manager…my take away from Francoeur’s remarks regarding moving Jose Reyes to the third spot in the lineup was simply he stating an opinion, and not necessarily “questioning” the manager, like Everett says he’s doing…regarding John Maine i originally thought the two met regarding his place in the rotation the day after his start, which was the day after Manuel originally made his comments about potentially taking Maine out of the rotation…i have to agree with frenchy on this one – if the reporter wasn’t in the clubhouse, this whole thing is a little silly and at the very least, Everett needs to get his facts right from his colleagues…

Regarding his own appreciation of Manuel, Francoeur commended his manager, saying:

“Jerry has helped me more than I could ever imagine…He’s given me a second chance to get back to where I want to be.”

…on the plus side, I love how frenchy is standing up and dealing with this, and being so matter of fact about it…for what it’s worth, I think he is a fantastic personality to have in the clubhouse…

To listen to Francoeur’s media address, click here.