Note: about the all-blue "Los Mets" jersey

Last night, the Mets wore an all-blue jersey with “Los Mets” printed on the front in honor of Fiesta Latina night at Citi Field:

All I can say is: “Hell Yes!”. Like I said yesterday, I am more of a traditionalist and so I think the Mets should add something like this to their array of uniform combinations going forward as the blue and orange represent the team’s original colors. I thought it looked real sharp, especially with the snow-white pants and I think it would be a great replacement to the black jersey at home.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t totally dislike the black jersey. I was a huge fan of them when they first introduced them in 1998, and of course ran out and bought one at that time. I do think it’s a little played out at this point, but I have always thought the black top looked sharp with the road greys, and if it’s remain incorporated in the uniform, that is where I think it belongs.