Cardinals looked for a catcher, no interest in Buck

The Mets were never contacted about C John Buck, who is a free agent at the end of this season (Rubin, ESPNSherman, New York Post), despite the Cardinals looking to acquire a replacement for Yadier Molina (Goold, Post-Dispatch).

St. Louis was reportedly in talks to acquire Cubs C Dioneer Navarro (Rosenthal, FoxSports), but nothing ever materialized.

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Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Buck will never be considered a replacement for Molina. That said, he’d make sense for the Cardinals, since Buck could shift to being a back-up (something he’s used to) when Molina gets back. In this scenario, though, St. Louis would probably put little value on him. At which point, I bet Sandy Alderson keeps Buck, because a) he works well with the team’s young pitching staff, who really like him, and b) he has a good relationship with Travis d’Arnaud (from their time in Toronto), both of which could mean Buck returns as a free-agent to be a back-up in Queens next season.