NL East: Bloggers on Who will NOT win Division

Question: Which team in the NL East will not win the division, and why?

Edward Chigliak, Nationals, from Ferderal Baseball: The Nationals will not win the NL East.  I don’t think they’ve added 30 wins to last year’s 59-win roster, and it will take 90+ wins to win the Division this year.  The Marlins aren’t going to either.  The other three all have a shot at it.

Jason Weitzel, Phillies, from Beerleaguer: Rather than the Nats, I’ll go with Atlanta, which will be an improved squad, but short of having enough game-changers to leg out the front-runners.  They’re also frail in too many critical areas.

Martin Gandy, Braves, from Talking Chop: The obvious answer here is the Nationals, but since that is so obvious, I’ll pick on the team I like to pick on the most, the Mets.  When I look around the division, the team with the least depth at key positions is the Mets. As a Braves fan who watched his team’s starting rotation get decimated last year, I know the importance of having depth in an organization, and I just don’t see that depth in the Mets organization. They are two or three injuries away from total collapse. If you think it can’t happen, see the Braves in 2008.

Matthew Cerrone, Mets, from I’m with Edward, the Nationals fan, who said the Nationals.  The Marlins pitching scares me.  The Phillies are the defending champions.  The Braves are always a threat, as for as I’m concerned, so long as Bobby Cox is at the wheel.  And, of course I believe in the Mets.  The Nationals just do not have the pitching to run a full season’s race and make it the end, let alone win the division from the other four teams.

Craig Strain, Marlins, from Fish Stripes: The Nationals.  Their talent just doesn’t match up well, at this point, against the other four teams.  It’s not that I don’t think the Nationals will be improved, I do.  But they are especially lacking in starting pitching and aren’t very deep.  For them to compete for the title it will require their starting players to have career years and no injuries.  Also, it will require the other teams in division to have injuries to key players.