NL East: Bloggers on Stealing 1 Player

Question: If you could steal one player from an opposing team in the NL East, and put him on your favorite team, who would it be and why?

Craig Strain, Marlins, from Fish Stripes:  Jose Reyes.  With Reyes on the Marlins, the team could move Hanley to third, where he will eventually end up anyway.  This fixes the problem at third and shores up the defense while also improving the team’s offense.

Edward Chigliak, Nationals, from Federal Baseball:  With all due respect to Nationals SS Christian Guzman, I’d take Hanley Ramirez at short over just about any other shortstop in the game right now… Hanley in DC would be nice.

Jason Weitzel, Phillies, of Beerleaguer:  Hanley Ramirez has done some pretty insane stuff playing half his games in Dolphin Stadium.  I’d make room for him somewhere.

Martin Gandy, Braves, from Talking Chop:  It’s hard to get away from Ryan Howard, but I really wouldn’t want to pay him the money he’s getting.  If I could take a Hanley Ramirez or David Wright and stick them in left field I’d do it… If money is no object, then Howard; if it is a consideration then I might go with a young guy like Cameron Maybin or Andrew Miller, a can’t miss prospect who’s just starting out.

Matthew Cerrone, Mets, from I would steal Chase Utley in a second, put him at second, and team him up with David Wright and Jose Reyes to be the best, young infield in baseball.  For the record, SNY’s Ted Berg said Hanley Ramirez.  I asked, ‘Where would you put him,’ to which he responded, ‘Who cares.  I just don’t want him on the Marlins.’  Smart man.