NL East: Bloggers on Most Feared Pitcher

Question: Which starting pitcher from the NL East do you fear most, i.e., the guy from an opposing team who you do not want to see on the mound in a big game?

Craig Strain, Marlins, from Fish Stripes:  Jamie “Freaking” Moyer.  Oh sure, the Marlins can look silly sometimes when facing Johan Santana’s change up, but it is nothing compared to the way they look against Moyer.  Moyer has made 12 starts in his career against the Fish and he is 11-1.  When Moyer is on the mound it looks like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, he throws that slow left-handed junk and the Marlins swing three times before it gets to the plate.  It is embarrassing.

Edward Chigliak, Nationals, from Federal Baseball:  Who wants to face Johan Santana with something on the line?  But, the pitcher I’d like to avoid, as much as I like watching him pitch, is Cole Hamels, who has K’d 83 Nationals in 79.1 IP against DC in the first three years of his career, and though he’s only 5-3, he’s posted a 2.04 ERA in 12 starts.

Jason Weitzel, Phillies, of Beerleaguer: I’d have to go with Johan Santana head-to-head.  The Phillies are very left-handed.

Martin Gandy, Braves, from Talking Chop: Believe it or not it’s Oliver Perez. That guy has the Braves number. I firmly believe that’s the reason the Mets re-signed him.

Matthew Cerrone, Mets, from I know I am going to regret this, but, right now, there isn’t any one specific pitcher from the NL East who I fear seeing face the Mets.  I’d say Cole Hamels, based on my gut, but the Mets are actually 3–1 against him.  For a solid decade it was Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz; and since nothing in the division compares to them, I have a hard time coming up with one name.