NL East: Bloggers on Hitters They Fear Most

Question: Which hitter in the NL East do you fear most, i.e. the guy from an opposing team who you do not want to see at bat in a big spot?

Ed Chigliak, Nationals, from Federal Baseball:  It’s starting to become David Wright.  Right now though, it’s still Chipper Jones for me; his stats against Montreal and now Washington in his career are ridiculous… Until he retires it’ll probably be Chipper, but Wright refuses to quit in a way that’s troubling for opponents.

Craig Strain, Marlins, from Fish Stripes: Chipper Jones.  The Marlins can’t get that guy out when it matters, or when it doesn’t, for that matter.  To give you an idea of how Chipper does against the Fish, last year he put up the following: .456/.516/.754.  He is a one man wrecking crew when he plays the Marlins.

Jason Weitzel, Phillies, from Beerleaguer:  Fernando Tatis?  Besides ‘Nando, there are certain guys who burn the Phillies, Brian McCann being one of them.  Although he was silenced in the final series against the Phils, Jose Reyes will always score on the Phils if he reaches base.  He has more runs against the Phils than any team.  Your readers might be surprised to know that Brian Schneider is another guy with a long legacy of big hits against the Phils, dating back to his days with Montreal.  Florida’s Cody Ross is another pain in the neck.

Martin Gandy, Braves, from Talking Chop:  It’s gotta be Ryan Howard.  He can put it over the fence anywhere in any park.  I think the Braves either strike him out or he hits a homerun off every time he’s at bat.

Matthew Cerrone, Mets, from It used to be Chipper, but now I fear Chase Utley most.  He extends an at bat so well, and he’s such a well-rounded, patient, disciplined hitter, and on a team the Mets are always in competition with.