Updated: Next Year’s Mets Uniforms Will Be…

According to Shannon from Mets Police, the Mets will feature six different uniforms next season, all featuring an All Star Game patch on the sleeve.

Chris Creamer from SportsLogos.net, which has broken several uniform-related stories over the last year or so, says the Mets will feature a blue road uniform with silver and orange lettering and New York on the chest.

MetsBlog’s Brian Erni says the jersey is likely to look like these:

Oct. 16, 2012: Creamer also says next year’s uniforms will feature the pinstripe cream and plain white at home and the same road grays from 2012, as well as a blue jersey at home with orange lettering. The team will also bring back a black jersey, which Shannon speculates could be a way to honor Mike Piazza, who is finally eligible for the baseball Hall of Fame this summer.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Shannon speculates that at least one will be the orange-on-blue, which was featured as the 2011 Los Mets uniform and which was very well received. I was also told the team included this in their uniform submission for next season. These jerseys were awesome and most everyone loved them (from fans to the players to the equipment manager who designed them), so that was a no-brainer.

The blue road uniform is a mystery, though Creamer says it has silver and gray lettering, which seems totally off brand and a bit weird. The team wore blue jerseys with white lettering for Los mets this past summer, so I assumed those would be the road shirts. But, according to Creamer, that is not the same…

By the way, I also like Shannon’s idea of bringing back the late 90’s black jerseys as a way to honor Piazza in 2013. I was tired of them, and I’m glad they ditched them, but a once in a while thing could be nice…