News: Wright makes Error, Fatigued, Will Sit

In the second inning last night, with two runners on and two outs, David Wright bobbled a routine ground ball that would have ended inning, but, instead, allowed it to continue.

Felix Hernandez – the young pitcher, who later left the game with an injury – then hit a grand slam off of Johan Santana.

Wright, on the error, talking to reporters after the game:

“Obviously, it’s a play I should make.  I played back, I thought the ball was hit a little harder than it was, I waited back and tried to transfer a little too quickly, bobble it…That’s a play that should be made so we could be out of the inning.”

Wright is on pace to committ roughly 20 errors this season.

He made 19 errors in 2006, and 21 errors last season, during which he also won a Gold Glove.

Following the game, Jerry Manuel told reporters that Wright will not play on Tuesday because he looks tired, adding:

“Tonight, I thought David appeared fatigued.  So for me, and I told him, tomorrow he won’t play.  I mentioned earlier that I hate to rest the regular players at home, I prefer they play in front of our fans.  But, I just think that’s a necessary move tomorrow to freshen him up.”

As of now, Wright is the only player in the league to have played every inning of every game for his team.

Wright, on being told he will not play tomorrow, while speaking to reporters after the game:

“We’ve had some days off, with rain outs…but, Jerry is a great baseball mind if he thinks I need a day off, I’ll rest up a bit and hope to come back Thursday.”

Wright is batting .241 in 83 at bats during the month of June.