News: RA Dickey has a Locker Ready for Him

RA Dickey’s name plate has been removed from the Mets clubhouse in Atlanta.

BaronPolaroidTrimmedfrom what i can gather, Raul Valdes will not start Wednesday, so i’m thinking it will probably be dickey, who can then stick around to pitch in long-relief, when Hisanori Takahashi essentially takes over Oliver Perez’s role in the rotation

Original Post at 4:21 pm:

According to SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt, there is a locker in the Mets clubhouse in Atlanta with Dickey’s name above it, which would suggest he’ll soon be added to the roster.

because he’s being added now, in Atlanta, i’m thinking he is actually being added to the bullpen, not the starting rotation… especially since Hisanori Takahashi is no longer available for long relief, since he’s probably starting on Friday in place of Jon Niese… and so, Raul Valdes might be starting Wednesday, with dickey available in relief… while takahashi starts Friday, again with dickey and his knuckleball available in relief… or, because dickey has a rubber arm, maybe he can pitch in relief and start Wednesday, who knows

now the question is: who is being demoted to create room for dickey