News: Phillies Get THREE Extra Home Games

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Because of security concerns surrounding the G-20 Summit in Toronto, the Phillies’ interleague series against the Blue Jays, originally scheduled to be played at the Rogers Centre, has been relocated to Philadelphia by Major League Baseball… Unofficially, the Phillies will play 84 regular-season games at Citizens Bank Park… The G-20 Summit, a two-day international economic forum for world leaders, will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, just down the street from the Rogers Centre. The stadium is situated within the G-20 security perimeter, meaning mass transit and major roads could be closed…The possibility of protests near the stadium also was a concern.”

Though the Blue Jays will profit from the game like it was in Toronto, the Phillies will begin selling tickets for the June series in the next few days.

“That’s just bullshit,” Jeff Francoeur said, according to the Daily News.  “That’s really not fair.  That’s just not fair… It’s ridiculous… Absolutely crazy.”

I had readers e-mail in the following points, and heard them made repeatedly on WFAN as well:

  • The Mets and Marlins will play in Puerto Rico this summer, so why couldn’t the Phillies and Blue Jays also have played in Puerto Rico?
  • The G20 was held in Pittsburgh last summer, and, despite hundreds of protests, the Pirates played at home both days, though the games were moved from night to day and very people attended – nevertheless, the games were played in Pittsburgh.
  • The Mets and Yankees play in New York City, surrounded by military and police every game, because, being the greatest, most-open city in the country, New York is under a constant terror alert – yet every game is played.

Ordinarily I don’t think I would be that irritated by this, waiting to see if the games matter, but, if the Mets, Nationals, Marlins or Braves are to lose the division by one game to the Phillies, who win two of three from the Blue Jays in June, do you honestly think MLB will do anything about it?