News: on Jose Reyes and his Thyroid

According to Omar Minaya, because this is a ‘personal health issue, not a baseball issue,’ the team doctors requested they be cautious and so Reyes will refrain from baseball activities until they get the results of the test.

Minaya says the team’s Florida doctors cleared Reyes during yesterday’s physical, but their team doctors in New York later double checked and requested further testing, and so he’s traveling back north.

Minaya also said Francisco Rodriguez has yet to be cleared of pink eye, but is expected back soon.

Original Post at 11:10 am:

The Mets told reporters there may be an imbalance in Jose Reyes’s thyroid levels, so he’s on his way to New York for testing on Monday.

They say it could be 48 hours before the team gets his results.

Reyes said he feels ‘good,’ but they feel he may have an overactive thyroid.

He said he can’t play baseball, or ‘do anything,’ until he hears back from doctors; which is a shame, he explained, because he feels fine, and says he hasn’t experienced any symptoms.

… i feel badly for him, he looked worried when talking to reporters, since this has nothing to do with his leg… that sucks, man… what’s worse, it keeps him idle and off the field