News: Mike Francesa is Keeping Secrets Again

Mets GM Omar Minaya will be a guest on WFAN tomorrow with Mike Francesa, following the team’s press conference to announce the signing of Jason Bay, who will also be a guest on the show later in the day.

…so that’s it, that’s the big news… ugh… and now, after listening to him for five hours, he’s got me all worried and freaked out about the Jets chances in the post season… thanks

Updated at 5:30 pm:

ugh, man, what are you waiting for, mike… actually, in talking with people connected to the team, it doesn’t sound like anything major is pending, other than bay… of course, that doesn’t mean mike isn’t aware of something they’re working on, or getting close to completing… come on, dude, spill it

Updated at 4:33 pm:

“The Mets will announce Jason Bay tomorrow, there will be more news to come, but we’ll get to that later in the show,” WFAN’s Mike Francesa said, on air, around 4:30 pm.

…i’m thinking he must be waiting until the 5:00 pm hour, since that is the peak audience time for his show

Original Post at 1:08 pm:

Host Mike Francesa ended his show on WFAN last Tuesday saying he would soon have a ‘Mets update,’ and he later broke news that the Mets and Jason Bay had agreed to a four-year deal.

Today, Francesa is at it again, opening his show by saying, “I think you’ll be getting some more Mets news here later in the week, but we’ll get to that later in the show… Jason Bay press conference is tomorrow, but there’s more to come.”

…i agree… like i said last tuesday, here, “In my conversations with people close to the team, I believe they might be getting close to an acquisition or two, and they are ‘hoping’ to make news at some point soon after the New Year… it seems like something is brewing.”…

i’m thinking they’re either close to signing a catcher, or trading for a pitcher, or both, since, from what i can gather, that is what they’ve been working on… who, i have no idea… but, it sounds to me like the goal has been to be try and trade for a legitimate No. 2 pitcher, before turning to the free-agent market… there are deals out there to be had, and teams with whom the Mets fit with, but, from what i understand, everyone involved, including the Mets, need to make preliminary moves, or lay ground work, in order for them to happen… and so, things are complicated

…so, yet again, francesa has us on the hook, waiting patiently… nice work, mike