News: Mets sign 25 Draft Picks, incl. OF Cory Vaughn

The Mets signed 25 of their 2010 First-Year Player Draft selections today, including fourth-round pick OF Cory Vaughn, the son of former major league All-Star Greg Vaughn, as well as:

  • Seventh-round pick RHP Jeffrey Walters
  • Eighth-round pick RHP Kenny McDowall
  • Ninth-round pick RHP Jacob deGrom
  • 11th-round pick LHP Adam Kolarek
  • 12th-round pick RHP Bret Mitchell
  • 13th-round pick third baseman Brian Harrison
  • 14th-round pick second baseman James Brown
  • 15th-round selection outfielder Tillman Pugh
  • 16th-round pick RHP Ryan Fraser
  • 17th-round pick RHP Chad Sheppard
  • 18th-round pick RHP Alexander Pinera
  • 19th-round pick RHP Jonathan Koutis
  • 20th-round pick first baseman Lucas Stewart
  • 22nd-round pick shortstop Brand Brown
  • 25th-round selection RHP Peter Birdwell
  • 26th-round pick shortstop James Butler
  • 27th-round pick RHP Michael Weldon
  • 28th-round pick LHP Jeremy Gould
  • 29th-round selection LHP Hamilton Bennett
  • 30th-round pick LHP Joshua Edgin
  • 32nd-round pick catcher Patrick Farrell
  • 33rd-round pick RHP Hunter Carnevale
  • 37th-round pick outfielder Dylan Brown.



Knicks should have found a way to lose tonight.