News: Mets trade Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur

The Mets have traded Ryan Church to the Braves for OF Jeff Francoeur.

Update, 6:47 pm, by Matthew Cerrone:

Omar Minaya said the Mets will receive ‘cash considerations’ in the deal from the Braves with Francoeur.

Minaya described Francoeur as a Gold Glove right fielder, who, as he put it, ‘some consider to be the best defensive right-fielder in baseball,’ and a guy who has a very good arm.

He said talks with the Braves started yesterday afternoon, and he followed up with GM Frank Wren this morning.

Minaya credited Assistant GM John Ricco with initially suggesting the team look in to acquiring Francoeur.

“This had nothing to do with not liking Ryan Church, but, one thing we like about Francoeur is the amount of games he plays,” Minaya explained, pointing out that he’s played over 152 games each of the last three seasons.

“We’ve got to keep on trying to do these type of things,” Minaya said.  “We are working, it’s not that we’re not, there a couple of things we are talking to other clubs about, they may be big, they may be minor, but we’ve got to continue to try to do things to shake it up a little bit, and not just be complacent.”

i believe this may be part of a larger plan to essentially re-create the team to be Citi Field Specific, i.e., the best defense possible, speed, some power, more speed and lots of pitching… i hope this is the case… one step at a time, i guess

Update, 7:01 pm, by Matthew Cerrone:

Ryan Church told reporters, before leaving the clubhouse, that he looks forward to getting a new start with a new team.

He said he has no problem with how the team handled his injuries last season, though he admitted things probably could have been handled differently.

“I’ll always love New York,” he said.  “I just want to thank all the fans, and it’s been great playing for this organization.”

Original Post, by Mike Nichols:

Francoeur had been hitting .250 with a .280 OBP, five HR and 35 RBI in 304 at bats for Atlanta this season.

He is under contract and eligible for arbitration through 2011, after which he can become a free agent. the deal…the Mets needed to shake up the roster… the potential francoeur has is much greater than that of church, plus the Mets lose nothing on the defensive side…

…welcome aboard, frenchy…

Update, 6:17 pm, by Matthew Cerrone:

Nick Evans will remain on the roster, since Church has been traded.

… i assume he will again be demoted when Jeff Francoeur arrives from the Braves

…well, i kept saying, if the Mets were going to make a trade, it would be for this sort of player, i.e., an outfielder, under contract, with upside, who has yet to meet the hype, like an Xavier Nady 2006 type… and, i’d say francoeur fits that mold, to say the least…

…i am still unsure of this deal… i liked church, and still feel he got a bit of a raw deal… that said, francoeur is 25 years old, and few young players in the game have his size and power, with one of the best outfield arms in the leagueand, i agree with mike, in that francoeur has much more upside

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