News: Maine will make Next Start, Recap of Jerry on WFAN

Jerry Manuel told WFAN today that John Maine will make his next start.

…it sounded to me like this will be a big start for maine…

…i don’t think he’s guaranteed anything beyond Sunday…

Manuel talked to Mike Francesa for 20 minutes, which you can listen to here, and essentially said:

  • The Mets didn’t do what they needed to do against Livan Hernandez last Sunday, regardless of how Johan Santana pitched, and that was very frustrating.
  • He does not expect Johan Santana to be perfect every time he pitches, and he was disappointed the team couldn’t rally, ‘to pick him up,’ like he does so many times for them.
  • The team needs to get some things sorted out.
  • The team has not clicked offensively, like he thought they would.
  • They have issues in the starting rotation, ‘and some of those things are starting to show up.’
  • He was wrong to start Gary Matthews Jr. early over Angel Pagan.
  • Jose Reyes will eventually hit third, maybe in St. Louis, with Pagan hitting leadoff, and with Luis Castillo or Alex Cora batting second.
  • Jenrry Mejia is ‘getting his feet wet,’ ‘in the right way,’ and ‘he’s gaining in confidence.’
  • The only way to make things better, and put last season behind them is to pitch well and win.

Francesa said Omar Minaya goofed up not keeping Ike Davis on the roster in place of the injured Daniel Murphy, to which Manuel laughed, and said, ‘Well, I’ll leave that one alone.’

Lastly, he acknowledged that there is a bullseye on his back, but, he joked, ‘My back is not that big.’

“We’re gonna keep pushing,” he said.  “I think you will see us as a team to be reckoned with.”