News: Jose Reyes scratched from Lineup

4399233286_36e662d41fThe initial lineup today had Jose Reyes hitting third.  However, he has since been replaced by Ruben Tejada, who will play shortstop and hit ninth.

he’s walking around fine in the locker room… or, at least he looks like he has since he’s been here… so, who knows… hopefully, this is no big deal… but, forgive me if i am a bit paranoid the word from the team is that he needs to go to the doctor to complete his physical… i’m sure that is true, but forgive me for being paranoid when hearing reyes and doctor in the same sentence…

Gary Matthews Jr. will instead bat leadoff today, followed in order by Luis Castillo, David Wright, Jason Bay, Daniel Murphy, Jeff Francoeur, Fernando Tatis, Henry Blanco and Tejada.

R.A. Dickey and his knuckleball will be today’s starting pitcher, with Jenrry Mejia set to pitch in relief.

Today’s game will air on SNY at 1 pm.

Updated at 8:42 am:

Steve Popper of the Bergen Record says on Twitter that Reyes must visit the doctor for a second round of bloodwork, in regards to an undisclosed question that surfaced in his physical.

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Updated at 9:04 am:

“I’m fine,” Reyes told Adam Rubin of the Daily News. “Nothing serious.”

For more details, including a similar situation with Mike Pelfrey, check out Rubin’s Twitter, here.