News: Jose Reyes, Fernando Tatis, and Luis Castillo Injury Updates

Jose Reyes is still suffering from pain in his right side, has not swung a bat since Sunday, and will be shutdown until he has no pain.

…i think this has just been poorly handled from the first moment Reyes got injured in San Juan…i mean, i’m glad he isn’t trying to test this, but he belonged on the DL from day one…

Reyes injured his right oblique muscle two weeks ago while taking batting practice in San Juan, prior to a game against the Marlins.

Prior to tonight’s game in San Francisco, Reyes told reporters:

“I still feel something …We’ll just give it one day and see what happens.”

Jerry Manuel also addressed the situation with Reyes, saying:

“I assumed that he was ready to play…I put him in the lineup, and then [Ray Ramirez] came to me and said that there is still a bit of discomfort, even though he feels much improved, and I took him out of the lineup.”

Asked whether or not this was a setback for Reyes, Manuel said:

I would say it’s a setback in the sense that we anticipated him being ready to play. But from health-wise, he appears much better.”

…if he’s not ready to play, i don’t think he can be ‘much better’ as Manuel indicates…i think it would be ok if someone simply said ‘the guy is hurt, he needs time off to rest’…that really would be ok, because that would mean nobody is going to try and accelerate his return, like last year, and prolong this issue…

In addition, Manuel said Luis Castillo is expected to rejoin the Mets next weekend when they are in Los Angeles.

Finally, Fernando Tatis underwent shoulder surgery yesterday and was placed on the 60 day disabled list.