News: Eric Byrnes is Working for the Cyclones

The Brooklyn Baseball Blog updated their post to read:

“Eric Byrnes is not actually volunteering with the Cyclones and sharing an office with me for no pay so that we can plug him in as a ringer on our office softball team.  Some people took the joke a little too literally.”

my bad… i guess i took it to be true because it is actually what the guy wrote… oh well…

Original Post at 12:45 pm:

Eric Byrnes has been hired by the Brooklyn Cyclones to be a Media Relations Assistant, according to the team’s official blog, the Brooklyn Baseball Blog.

…yes, that eric byrnes… good for him… he was pretty good on air… so, i’m curious to see where he ends up, or what path he’s on here… i wish him luck

The 34–year-old Byrnes had just three hits this season, before being cut by the Mariners.