News: Citi Field Deal is Fine, per Mets

The lead financial story today on CNN reads, “U.S. stocks looked set to rebound Friday from their recent fall after a report said financial giant Citigroup is considering selling itself.”

The report suggests Citigroup could be purchased by Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan Chase.

In 2006, Citigroup announced it would pay $20 million over 20 years for the naming rights of the Mets new ballpark, which has been named Citi Field.

Nevertheless, despite the financial state of Citigroup, a team spokesman recently told Biz of Baseball, “Everything is fine with our naming rights deal for Citi Field.”

like in most cases, if Citigroup is bought, it will retain its name and the deal with the Mets will remain in tact

that being said, i will forever hold out hope that the Mets and Apple will one day team up to create the first-ever iStadium, in which the team’s new home is a place where technology and baseball join forces…

…the best part is that we could call the stadium The Apple, in honor of the Home Run Apple, the Big Apple, etc

…and then i woke up