News: Carlos Beltran is Running, Murphy is 80 Percent

David Lennon traveled to Port St. Lucie for Newsday and says, “Carlos Beltran is running again, and with the strides he made Wednesday – both literally and figuratively – the All-Star centerfielder is hopeful that he can avoid microfracture surgery and rejoin the Mets before too long.”

Beltran told Lennon he experienced no pain, he’s tired of Port St. Lucie, he’s in the greatest shape of his life and he believes he can help the Mets.

i mean, i think that’s awesome… i don’t know… what i do know is, i refuse to let myself be encouraged about any news on beltran until i see him running, jumping, hitting, etc., for a long-enough stretch that there is actual, real talk of him returning to the team, and dates are mentioned… and, honestly, even then i will still worry he’ll eventually break down… man, i’ve become quite the skeptic on this subject, haven’t i

To read more quotes from Beltran, and for details regarding the state of his rehab, check out Lennon’s first-hand, on-site report for Newsday.

Later, in a post to Twitter, Lennon said Daniel Murphy is playing at 80 percent.