My worst day at Shea was the last day at Shea

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I actually feel bad posting this. I was looking for some pics of Shea to use in a post I’m working on about Citi Field. And, I stumbled on this picture, which may be the best worst Mets picture I’ve ever seen…

It was taken by the AP on the last day of Shea Stadium. You can totally see the pain, sadness and frustration in David Wright’s eyes, which is pretty much how every one of us felt in the stands watching that game end and knowing it was the last moment we’d ever see in person in that building.

There are people who feel 2007 was worse than 2008. I disagree. Yes, 2007 was awful, but it could be written off as a freak accident, a bad stretch of games, with the Phillies playing way over their heads, and with it simply being a stumbling block between 2006 and better days to come. But, once 2008 ended, it was clear 2007 was only the beginning, not the end, which is why (to me) not to mention it happening on the last day at Shea) 2008 was so, so much worse. Frankly, it was my worst day in the ballpark, and I hate that I have to remember it that way.