An educated guess on what’s up with Dickey and Niese

Matthew Cerrone , Lead Writer

I’ve heard more than one baseball insider today speculate that the Mets are putting R.A. Dickey’s name in the rumor mill so he gets spooked by the idea of leaving New York and agrees to their rumored two-year contract extension.

R.A. Dickey polaroid

It’s an interesting tactic, if accurate. I heard early on that Dickey wanted at least three years guaranteed after his 2013 option, in other words a new four-year, say $40 million deal to start immediately. The Mets (and most teams, I bet) have no interest in giving him this size deal. Meanwhile, recent reports suggest he’s actually willing to accept a two-year extension, which probably means he really, really doesn’t want to pitch and market himself in another city.

However, the word in baseball is that Dickey will not deliver an impact bat in trade, at least not until a team gets desperate (perhaps after losing out on another desired target in the free agent market), which could be weeks from now. Niese, on the other hand, has this level value and could deliver that bat today, but only if a team is eager to get out in front of the market for fear of losing out again.

Frankly, I’ve been saying here for weeks that Niese is more likely to get moved than Dickey, but I hadn’t seen it reported any other place until today, such as this tweet from Andy Martino from the Daily News.

I’m totally speculating here – though it’s partly an educated guess – but I wonder if Sandy Alderson’s end goal is to wait for Zack Greinke to sign with the Dodgers, get a quiet handshake agreement from Dickey on a two-year extension, then quickly trade Niese for a bat to either the Royals, Rangers or Blue Jays? Again, it’s just a guess, but it seems plausible.