Must Read: Santana is Finding his Rhythm

Today, at 1 pm, Johan Santana will start for the Mets, as the team begins its season against the Reds in Cincinnati.

Ben Shpigel of the New York Times explains how Santana is finally finding his rhythm as his second season with the Mets is about to begin.

According to Shpigel, “There was a pecking order in the clubhouse, including a dominant personality, Pedro Martínez, who is no longer around but whose happy-go-lucky nature has appeared to rub off on Santana.”

i have been saying this all spring, actually, in that, pedro’s absence, has seemingly made santana boss, and it’s like the torch had been passed from pedro to johan in terms of who the emotional leader is of the pitching staff… last spring, santana was following pedro, and the other pitchers took their queue…

…this spring, santana was laughing a lot, always smiling, but working hard, and he was clearly the center of attention when it came to the pitchers, who took their queue from him, especially Oliver Perez…

For more on Santana, read Steve Popper’s report in the Bergen Record.

Speaking of starting pitchers…

The Braves will retire Greg Maddux’s No. 31 at home on July 17.

naturally, on July 17, the Braves will play the Mets… typical

In 65 career starts, Maddux was 35–18 with a 3.31 ERA against the Mets.