Murphy: "We expect to go to the playoffs"

Last night at the 32nd Annual Thurman Munson Awards Dinner in New York, R.A. Dickey told reporters the following:

“You can’t just go in and say, we’re going to be this team. It’s a real organic process. Hopefully it won’t be dysfunctional and we’ll all be able to cohese together and do it. But we’re in a tough division and we have to be honest about that . . . we certainly have to be honest about where we are, and that’s really the only way I see us getting any better is doing that.”

Daniel Murphy, who was also in attendance, was much more optimistic as he told reporters that expectations for the Mets this season are to make the playoffs.

“Expectations for us this year are like any other,” Murphy said. “We expect to go to the playoffs.”

In addition, Murphy told reporters he has talked to several teammates and they are just as eager as he is to start the season.


Vinny Cartiglia: Man, I love Murphy.  He may be slow footed around the bag and have hands of stone, but the guy is a warrior and has the heart of a champion. I totally agree with this fan comment from 1chasemonkey1, which appeared on earlier this morning:

[jbox color=”gray”]”Maybe it’s just me, but every time that Murph talks about the team and future and his knock them out attitude he keeps moving up my favorite Met players list.”[/jbox]

While most Mets fans I have spoken to are very down on the team this season – even the most optimistic of fans – it’s nice to know that the players haven’t adopted that same attitude.


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