Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Trade Deadline Post Game

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender are joined by Casey Stern of MLB Network Radio for a complete wrap on the trade deadline, from the inactive Mets, to the action around the league.

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  • The Trade Deadline Post Game Roundtable with Casey Stern
    • Mets inactive
    • Colon, Murphy
    • Mets and Colorado overblown
    • August moves ahead?
    • Offseason critical
    • Price and Lester
  • More Deadline Download (20:40)
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (26:20)
    • Good: Great Deadline Day, Mets scoring runs against Philly
    • Bad: People down on Mets chances, Toby down on a random Wheeler at bat

Albert E Lewis
Albert E Lewis

Sandy knew Young was a low avg high strikeout hitter when he signed him.

Jay Cross
Jay Cross

Wow, Stern says CY is one of the worst clubhouse guys in all of MLB? He's been awful on the field this year but from his interviews and demeanor I'm really surprised to hear that. 


CY is impossible to like as a player but there's no need for slander.