Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Trade deadline chatter

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender are joined by Kevin Kernan of the New York Post to chat potential moves and non-moves as the trade deadline approaches – along with other topics including Wilmer Flores and hitting philosophy.

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For the show rundown, click here...
  • The Trade Deadline Roundtable with Kevin Kernan
  • Deadline Download (23:20)
    • Should the Mets make moves?
    • Where are the bats?
    • Colon and Murphy
    • Where does Flores fit?
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (34:50)
    • Good: Safeco Field, Jacob deGrom
    • Bad: Losing in SD, Chris Young

John Vastola
John Vastola

Hope they go after Javier Baez from the Cubs system, a good SS. Maybe give up Montero for him.

Jeff Morrow
Jeff Morrow

They haven't made a deadline move since 2010 when they traded Jeff Francouer for some scrub. They Never make moves, but they lead the league in Excuses.

Albert E Lewis
Albert E Lewis

Dont tell me Brender thinks were getting Joc Pederson . I would be surprised if that happened.