Mostly Mets, pres. by Caesars AC: Talking Tommy John with Will Carroll

Toby Hyde and Robert Brender are joined by Will Carroll, Lead Writer for Sports Medicine, Bleacher Report, for a roundtable conversation about the surge of Tommy John surgeries for the Mets, for others throughout baseball, and the science behind the operation.

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  • The Tommy John Roundtable with Will Carroll
  • One Good Thing, One Bad Thing (38:10)
    • Good: Mets Winning, Murphy the All-Star
    • Bad: No meaningful baseball for 4 days, Games are too long

Toby, Will and Rob discussed the potential of the new Motus sleeve for providing real time data on pitcher biomechanics and fatigue.
Will wrote a three-part series in July of 2013 on Tommy John surgery including the history and impact, how it is done and the increase in its incidence.