Morning News: on leadership, Entourage, Elvin & $$$

The Mets begin the 2011 season tonight against the Marlins in Miami at 7 pm.

By the way, Hometown Beverages will host a MetsBlog Meet Up at 3rd & Long in New York City to watch the game, which you can learn about here.

David Wright tells the New York Post he is comfortable being a team leader, saying, “I feel comfortable going up and grabbing them and saying what’s on my mind. That’s something I need to continue maturing in that role.”

Mike Pelfrey tells the Daily News that he pitched all of last season with a strained rotator cuff and a strained posterior capsule, but he’s healthy now and ready to start on Opening Day.

The Nationals put RHP Elvin Ramirez on the 60-day disabled list, meaning, at least for a while longer, Ramirez will remain in the Nationals organziation, instead of not putting him on the 25-man roster and having to offer him back to the Mets, since he was selected in the Rule 5 draft.

Kevvin Connoly, who plays Eric on HBO’s Entourage, is part of a group approved by MLB to possibly invest in the Mets, according to the Daily News. “We have a lot of ideas and I think this could be a lot of fun,” Connolly tells the News. “There are a lot of talented people from Long Island who are also Mets fans,” such as Kevin Dillon, who plays Johnny (Drama) Chase on the HBO series, as well as director Ed Burns, who grew up in Woodside.

Lastly, though comedian Chris Rock thinks the Mets are broke, “several financial sources believe the club is still a billion-dollar property, and a leading sports-investment banker thinks it would be foolish to underestimate the cachet of owning a New York sports franchise,” according to the Daily News.

By the way, thanks to Bryan Molloy for creating the Opening Day image. Nice work!