Morning News: for April 13 (Bay, 2B, 8th inn., Pelfrey)

Sandy Alderson does not expect Jason Bay to be activated from the disabled list until at least April 26, Sandy Alderson said before last night’s rain out, according to an on air report from WFAN’s Ed Coleman.

“These injuries are hard to predict,” Alderson said, according to the New York Post.

Daniel Murphy will start at second base tonight, though Terry Collins told reporters he is not yet ready to call this a platoon. Instead, right now, Murphy gives the team best chance to score runs, as Brad Emaus is hitting just .167 in his last 12 bats. Collins also said he would like to find a start at second base for Chin-lung Hu, as well.

David Lennon of Newsday agrees with using Murphy at second base.

According to the New York Post, Dan Warthen said, if Bobby Parnell continues to struggle, the team will not hesitate use someone else as their 8th-inning, set-up guy.

“Bobby is either going to step up and do the job or we’ll have to find someone else,” the Post quotes Warthen as saying.

RA Dickey said his torn finger nail has healed, reports the Daily News.

Mike Pelfrey misses his friend, sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman, but he’s working to develop a bond with psychologist, former minor-league pitcher Don Carman, explains Steve Popper in the Bergen Record.

According to the Star-Ledger, the Mets pitching staff worked on infield drills before yesterday’s rain out..

Lastly, around MLB, the Dodgers have expressed interested in free-agent 2B David Eckstein; Lastings Milledge cleared waivers and will return to the White minor-league system; Carlos Delgado is officially retiring; free-agent RHP Doug Davis signed a minor-league deal with the Cubs, which he can opt out of; and Rangers 2B Michael Young is not seeking a trade.


But Joey said his rib was broken.

Ceifus Hornswoggle
Ceifus Hornswoggle

This is good news.  We'll need him.

The offensive line looked pretty bad, both in pass protection and run blocking.  Hopefully they can improve some, but I don't think the talent is there to be an elite line.  We'll need all the running back help we can get since these guys will be more often than not, running into a crowd.

Geno looked better.  He was still skiddish and had that frantic squirrel-in-the-road tone to his play.  But, it's only his second year.  I think in four to five years, he will settle down.  Watching Vick, who is so calm and relaxed in the pocket, hopefully gives us a picture as to what Geno can become, given four or five seasons to mature.  I'd definitely like to see Geno play out this year, for better or worse, as I don't think he's going to be the make-or-break factor of this team.  Better to get him another year of experience.

I was surprised that the first team defensive line was so easily handled by the Colts offense.  I think we've all gotten sucked into the bold talk and the "sons-of-anarchy" hype, but I didn't see anything special.  Hopefully they can improve, though the lack of talent in the defensive secondary kind of renders them moot.  It's like the defensive line is a world class high jumper, but the secondary is an anvil on their foot.  They won't be able to achieve their potential with open guys running free everywhere.  Sure, Pryor wasn't out there, but he's not going to suddenly turn the thing around. 

All in all, I think 8-8 or 9-7 is a good goal for the team this year.  We've got to get the defensive secondary, the offensive line, and Geno in better shape.  All of it just takes time and patience.  Hopefully people's expectations aren't so outlandish that we start throwing guys under the bus.  The wins are going to be tough to get this year, but I think we'll see a lot of growth from these young guys.

Floyd Toucanet
Floyd Toucanet

@Ceifus Hornswoggle One of the biggest strengths of the Jets defense is the game planning by the coaches. Until they are game planning for the offense you really can't expect that much. It's all just man vs man....