Should the Mets trade Scott Hairston?

In a column for the New York Post, Ken Davidoff says the Mets should put Scott Hairston on waivers now and trade him for a lower-tiered prospect.

The Mets have yet to place Hairston on waivers and, according to Davidoff, this make sense since they will want to utilize him for as long as possible before needing to make a decision.

“That time will come by Aug. 31, and really, the Mets’ decision should be simple,” Davidoff writes. “If they want to send the correct message to their fans, they’ll trade the righty-hitting outfielder.”

Davidoff predicts that due to Hairston’s production this season and his low salary of $1.1 million, Hairston will get claimed in the waivers process and should be an ex-Met by September 1.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

He’s right. I mean, even if the Mets want to re-sign him for next year, there is no guarantee that he’ll return. Last month, Sandy Alderson said he didn’t trade Hairston because, basically, Hairston had more value to the Mets through August than the low-level prospect that likely would have been returned in trade. Today, the Mets are that much more out of a pennant race, and they’re probably going to sell as many tickets in September or next April whether Hairston is on the roster through the end of this season or not. There is the message of trying their best to get back to .500, and there is the message of trying their best to be better next year, the year after and the year after that. Personally, I prefer the later at this point.