Moment from PSL: Zack Wheeler draws attention, center stage for PSL

This afternoon, Zack Wheeler warmed up on the 10-pack, after which he tossed live batting practice to Justin Turner, John Buck, Ruben Tejada and Marlon Byrd…


Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

He’s just so effortless. The other pitchers tinker, they shrug, wipe their brow, make adjustments. Wheeler doesn’t. He just lets it rip. I shut my eyes and can hear the difference in his fastball. It just whips from his hand and whistles by…

Today, he was center stage. Reporters, photographers, front office guys, Jeff Wilpon, David Wright, Ike Davis, even Matt Harvey, as well as dozens of fansĀ bordered the field and backstop to see him work. It was mostly silent with everyone focused on Zack.


Vinny Cartiglia

Wheeler looked electric. You don’t have to be a scout to know this… just close your eyes and listen. The reaction of theĀ  players told you his stuff was filthy. It was really fun to watch and observe all the attention he garnered and the reaction from those on hand.

Brian Erni

Color me impressed. Today’s my first day down here and Wheeler’s session was quite an opening act. Fastballs sizzled out of his hand and – even though he probably wasn’t going full tilt – Wheeler snapped off some filthy breaking pitches – one of which had such serious bite to it that it prompted a whistle from Marlon Byrd. Justin Turner joked to Wright that he “battled” and “raised the pitch count,” and when I asked Turner about his impressions afterward, he laughed and said, “Pretty good.” That doesn’t begin to describe the half of it.