Molina: I wanted to Come Here

Prior to yesterday’s game against the Giants, Bengie Molina told Kevin Burkhardt of SNY, while in uniform for the Giants, he wanted to come to the Mets, was ready to move his family to New York, and spent most of the winter watching video of the Mets pitchers.

However, Molina said he had originally laughed at the Mets first offer, and seemed to be upset the Mets wouldn’t increase their one year, $5 million offer to two years.

Instead, Molina signed a one year deal with the Giants for $4.5 million – $500,000 less than the Mets offer.

…as Burkhardt said afterward on Twitter here, he seemed very bitter during the interview…i don’t blame him, because he wanted what he wanted, he apparently was committed to joining the Mets given he was studying the Mets pitching staff, and i’m sure he was disappointed…i don’t know why he would begin studying the Mets in detail without signing a contract with them, but i suppose that’s his preogative…in the end, business is business, it’s not personal, and they just couldn’t come to a mutual agreement, so life goes on, Bengie…ultimately, i think the whole situation worked out for both teams…

…i also couldn’t understand why he would come out and say he wanted to be in the other dugout while wearing a different uniform…it’s not the first time he’s made such remarks, but last night, during the season, as a member of a visiting team, it just isn’t the time to get into this discussion, let alone how deep into it he got without being questioned much…i would think he would be a little bit more professional and show a little more courtesy to the Giants, considering they have been so loyal to him over the past few seasons…


Lets be honest...Dantoni didnt want Melo here and now I see why. Melo does not have the attitude of a leader. You can tell when you look at teams like The bucks, ATL, and others who play as a unit and dont have a superstar player. If we had Bron, KD, Curry,Rondo etc in replace of Melo, this team would not be playin at a JV level......I stand by that.

We keep makin excuses but Melo is the key here. Players follow the attitude of the coach and star. Melo has had issues with every coach yet hes only been out the 1st round twice and the 2nd round once so whos the real issue?

 If we dont have any plans on upgrading the pg position we may as well let Melo go cuz his mind is set on "gimme the ball".


Keith can you correct or explain this sentence?

"New York’s players may not be at each other’s throats just yet, but it’s clear frustrating is mounting rather quickly amid talk of a potential fire"

Do you mean "frustration is mounting"?

When you say "fire" do you mean "fire sale"? 

You need to proof this stuff  before you hit send brother.

On the editorial side, Derek Fisher is not Larry Brown, who came to NY after winning a Championship in Detroit.  he was known as a teacher with sound (Red Holtzman-like) approach to the game.  What Brown preached was:  "make stops, get rebounds and we'll win".   The Marbury / Brown feud tore that team apart.  What's different now? No horrible cancer (like Marbs) in the lockeroom and no HOF coach on the sidelines.   Years later Marbury admitted that he should have listened to Brown and that Brown is the model for how Marbury coaches his team now in China.  

Keith Schlosser
Keith Schlosser

@rico There's no "send" button to click, technically. And coincidentally enough, don't you mean "proof read?"

On the comment side, I wasn't comparing Brown and Fisher, as it relates to their accomplishments and/or the stage of each one's respective career.

Both Brown and Fisher (along with Phil Jackson, in this case) came to New York thinking they could change the culture by relying upon a strategy that had previously proven to be successful. It didn't pan out in Brown's case, and thus far under Fisher, the Knicks are 5-23.