Rival Exec: Sandy is not going to give Reyes $100M

This past weekend, MLB Trade Rumors listed the Brewers, Giants, Reds, Twins and Cardinals as teams that could be looking to acquire a shortstop this summer, and who could have interest in Jose Reyes.

The buzz in baseball this spring has been that Reyes will likely start out seeking a seven-year, $120 million deal, though he’s more likely to be offered a five-year deal around $15 million per season. The question I keep trying to answer is: money aside, does Reyes fit in to the type of team Sandy Alderson intends to build beyond this season? I don’t know yet.

In either case, “Sandy is not going to pay $100 million for a guy who might break down,” a rival team official told Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com.

In early March, Joel Sherman of the New York Post predicted Reyes will get traded in July to the Reds for 25-year-old RHP Homer Bailey and SS prospect Zack Cozart. Again, note this was a prediction, not necessarily a rumor or a report.

Speaking of soon-to-heat-up trade talk…

In a post this past weekend for ESPN, Buster Olney listed Francisco Rodriguez, along with Jonathan Broxton and Heath Bell, as relief pitchers who could be on the trade market this summer.