MLB releases 2013 schedules, Mets start April 1 at home against Padres

The Mets will begin their 2013 season on April 1 at home against the Padres.

As expected, they play the Yankees just four times next year in consecutive, two-game series from May 27-30 (with the first two games in Citi Field starting on Memorial Day).

The Astros will be in the American League next year, meaning there must be an Interleague series each night.

As such, the Mets visit the Twins (April 12-14), White Sox (June 25-26) and Indians (Sept. 6-8), while hosting the White Sox (May 7-8), Royals (Aug. 2-4) and Tigers (Aug. 23-25).

The Mets enter the All Star break (which will be at Citi Field on July 16) with a nine-game road trip that starts in Milwaukee goes through San Francisco and ends up in Pittsburgh. The  annual at Arizona, at Los Angeles, at San Diego road trip takes place August 9-18.

The final game of the regular season will be September 29 at home completing a four game series against the Brewers.

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