MLB exec. thinks Reyes will top Crawford's $142 M

This morning on Twitter,’s Jon Heyman said a competing executive told him Jose Reyes will top Carl Crawford’s seven-year, $142 million deal after he becomes a free agent this off season.

Similarly, earlier this week, an agent told Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports that he expects Reyes to get a seven-year deal worth around $145 million.

Yesterday I ran this poll on MetsBlog, asking Mets fans:

I think I voted ‘No.’ I don’t know why. Because, IF he were to ever leave and sign elsewhere, I’d be disappointed and angry and I’d totally forget I ever voted ‘No,’ and probably would wish I had said, ‘Yes,’ despite knowing a $20 million tab for a 35-year-old shortstop in the National League is probably a huge mistake. And, THIS is the stickiness of this decision.

Intellectually, I know what’s right from a baseball-business point of view. However, as a fan who leaps from the sofa and smiles every time Jose hits a triple, I can’t seem to see past his amazing season, right now, and I can’t look beyond how much fun it is to watch him today. It’s messing with how I look at what I think he will do over a seven-year stretch starting next April.

But, that’s the thing, what is his market value? Is it the $145 million based on him leading the league in hitting, while lighting the National League on fire? Or will it be like it was one year ago, when he was hitting just .270 and working his way back from injury? The answer is: he’s worth what someone is willing to pay him, and we just don’t know what that figure is yet because it’s June… not November.

I keep coming back to this: Just like it’s foolish to trade a player in a slump because his value is down; it’s equally foolish to commit $140 million to a guy playing the best baseball of his life, considering such a performance level is unlikely to continue forever. Then again, that player is rarely a home-grown superstar who is loved by fans, and who has shown he loves playing in New York and can handle the pressures of this city. I mean, what’s that worth? Ugh… and round and round I go.