Missanelli: Mets fans are half-human, obnoxious, drunks

“I hated when all those maggot Mets fans would descend on Veterans Stadium and then Citizens Bank Park in the early days. Those obnoxious, drunken goofs and their annoying New York accents. Those half-human louts who were compensating for the fact that they weren’t Yankee fans and thereby acting out on their inferiority as a species. Those cretin-like new money Long Islanders who had nothing better to do than ride down the turnpike and infiltrate our stadiums like termites on a log cabin. I hated everything about the Mets, including their stupid blue and orange configuration and that ridiculous intertwined old style N and Y on the hats. Mostly, I just hated their players.”

~ Mike Missanelli on the Philly Post for Philadelphia Magazine

Wow. It is amazing to me that, with all of their recent success, these clowns are still so obsessed with us. It’s sad, actually.

Missanelli is Philadelphia’s version Mike Francesa for 950 ESPN Radio, and this quote says everything you need to know about that, so there is really nothing more to add except, as usual, ‘Stay classy, Philadelphia.’