Miguel Olivo will be a free agent

The Mariners have declined C Miguel Olivo’s $3 million option, which makes his eligible to be a free agent.

The Mariners paid $750,000 to get out of the deal.

Olivo, 34, hit .222 in 323 at bats in 2012 with a .239 OBP, 12 HR and 85 strike outs in 87 games, during which he hit .221 against lefties and .223 against righties.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Kelly Shoppach is better, and a better fit as a compliment to Josh Thole. They’ll both probably get similar one-year,¬†inexpensive¬†contracts. But, money being equal, I’d rather Shoppach, who is a slightly better hitter, though lesser behind the plate. I also like that Shoppach has caught this team’s pitchers for a month or so, so he’d be coming in with that experience. Also, I can’t see Sandy Alderson going after a guy who strikes out as much as Olivo, especially considering how the organization continues to preach better plate¬†discipline.