Michael Young’s impact on market for Ike Davis

Free-agent infielder Michael Young has offers from four teams, but he’s also considering retirement (Rosenthal, Jan. 15).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

This is relevant to the Mets because – if the Brewers are unable to acquire Young, who they are reportedly interested in signing – it would be one less option for them at first base, meaning they may become more intrigued by Ike Davis.

Sandy Alderson said last week that the Mets are not actively engaged in trade discussions involving Davis (DiComo, Jan. 9).

This may be true, with the key word being ‘active.’ The way I understand Ike’s market, from people familiar with the situation, it’s likely to remain cool until Spring Training. I think teams want to know how much money he’ll be earning in 2014, there are still free-agent options on the market (such as Young, Mark Reynolds and Kendrys Morales, among others) and there’s no telling what injuries occur and what young players emerge in camps to change the market. Also, I think teams know the Mets could realistically end up cutting Davis before the start of the season. So, when combining all of these factors, it’s understandable that teams would be reluctant to trade a young, big-league ready pitcher to get him.


Other teams know Ike has valley fever even if Metsblog won't even mention it anymore. Why would any team want a Connor Jackson redux?


does anyone actually think Mets can compete without Harvey?  this is a building block year.  we find out who can pitch on the major league level and if guys Like legares, Flores, D'arnaud , montero, Noah and Mejia can make a difference.   Next year may be a different story.  That will depend if the Wilpons bring this team back from the financial depths it has sunk to.  85 million won't get it done.

it doesn't matter if lou gehrig were playing first in his prime.  this team has no idea who it is and this is a good year to find out.  Only die-hards think this team can compete.


Morales is not a full-time 1B, by any stretch. But, he hits right-handed pitchers pretty darn well and would be a great threat off the bench. I'd rather see him platooning with Satin or being brought off the bench late in games, than Lucas Duda, certainly more than Ike Davis.

As to Mark Reynolds, if teams have more interest in him than Davis, then that's a pretty sure sign that the Mets should just hang Davis out to dry, now. Reynolds is awful.

I can't see Young retiring, yet, unless something is really wrong with him.

The Mets' idleness around 1B for 2014 is really baffling. They have nothing, not even a good platoon, to stand pat on.