5 Links to Read for Feb. 26

9732114-3d-illustration-of-newspapers-stack-over-white-background1) Lefty Scott Rice is looking for his big break with the Mets >> (DiComo, MLB.com)

2) LaTroy Hawkins received a phone call from his brother recently that reminded him to appreciate the opportunity still in front of him >> (Puma, New York Post)

3) In some ways, it’s as if Davey Johnson has gone back in time to when he was the cockiest manager in baseball >> (Harper, Daily News)

4) Darryl Strawberry and John Franco believe in the 2013 Mets >> (DeMarzo, New York Post)

5) When it comes to the outfield, both the Yankees and Mets are operating without much of a safety net >> (Lennon, Newsday)