MetsBlog Roundtable: In the event Ike Davis gets demoted, who’s on first?

“You can put Daniel Murphy over there at first and let Jordany Valdespin have a chance at second, but I don’t have any idea yet,” Terry Collins told the New York Post, in regards to how he might handle things without Ike Davis. “You can put Lucas Duda over there, but if that’s the case who plays left field? You can put Justin Turner at first and see how he does, but until [Davis’ situation] is decided, I really haven’t gotten anything etched in stone yet.”

Andrew Wharton, Contributor

This is an easy one: Zach Lutz. This guy has done nothing but hit in the minors and really has nothing left to prove in Triple-A. He’s been quite unfortunate between the injuries and being blocked at the big league level, but he’s talented and deserves a shot over anyone else on the organization. I’m not saying he’s guaranteed to succeed in New York, but I’d be shocked if he doesn’t provide more production than Davis right now. I mean, that’s the idea right? Promote Lutz and give the guy the shot he’s deserved for a couple years now. This is the perfect opportunity for him.

Maggie Wiggin, Contributor

I agree with Andrew – Lutz is an ideal call-up, especially since he’s on the 40-man roster. I would bring him up and let him play every day for an extended period to see if his minor league success can keep up with major league pitching. That said, if a month or so passes and Lutz is struggling and Ike shows no signs of improvement in AAA, I wouldn’t waste much time in moving Duda over to assess whether or not it’s the position for him going forward.

Michael Baron, Contributor

I’m not sure it’s so simple. Lutz has played four games at first base this season, and 42 games there in total since 2007. Having someone there who knows the position, has an ability to scoop low throws, stretch and properly handle cutoffs is essential, but that comes with familiarity and experience. Lutz doesn’t really have that. The Mets do need a productive stick in the lineup, but if that player is going to neutralize his offense with inconsistent defense, they should look elsewhere to fill the need.

By the way, it doesn’t sound like Wilmer Flores is a candidate. I’ve heard they’re committed to him at second base and it doesn’t appear they’re considering promoting him until August anyway.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I like the idea of Lutz, especially since he’s on the 40-man roster already, but Satin is probably the more realistic fit for the short-term. He’s been in the big leagues before and he has more experience playing first base. I bet the team promotes him, but still uses some combination of him, Turner, a little John Buck, etc., to make it work until Davis is ready to return. Also, I agree with Baron, Flores is not at option. He just started playing first base in Triple-A, and I don’t see any way this team exposes him to big-league pitching before the trade deadline. I’m for Lutz, let’s see what he’s about.

Maggie Wiggin, Contributor

Given how Davis has been bringing his troubles out on the field, I’m not sure the defensive downgrade will be all that bad.  It would definitely be preferable if Lutz had more experience, but in a season focused on evaluation and experimentation, I’m fine with giving him the sink-or-swim chance he hasn’t really had yet.

Lutz is batting .271 with a .354 OBP, 4 HR, 25 RBI and 42 strike outs in 140 at bats for Triple-A Las Vegas this season. Meanwhile, Satin is hitting .299 with a .410 OBP, 6 HR, 24 RBI, 37 strike outs and 195 at bats, while playing 26 games at first base.