MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon: Mets talk with MLB Fan Cave’s Dan Frankel

In this week’s MetsBlog Q&ACast, pres. by Verizon, Matthew Cerrone talks with Mets fan and MLB Fan Cave dweller Dan Frankel, who you can follow here on Twitter.

Frankel and Cerrone discuss the life of a cave dweller, whether to trade Noah Syndergaard, their Mets off-season wish lists and how both attending the Grand Slam Single playoff game in 1999…

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interesting point citing 2002 when the mets got Burnitz and Alomar and looked like they had re-loaded only to be on the road to no-where.  Amazing how Alomar just lost his skills in one year, 

and how Burnitz went south too.  I suspect Jeromy liked his PEDs, but what used to drive me nuts about Burnitz was that with 2 strikes he never shortened his swing and simply made contact, he always always always tried to hit a 5 run HR.  

Now on Baez, yeah he can hit for power, we saw one at Citi but Hernandez was pretty down on the guy saying he's got a long way to go to prove he can make it as a real hitter in the bigs.  Moving Synde for him would be a a little scary.